Where in the world are Dani & Heather?

Taking a break, actually.


Lemme explain…

If you’re still checking in on this blog from time to time (which if you are, you are an awesome and amazing person), you may have noticed we’ve kinda checked out for the last several weeks.


That wasn’t really intentional.  It just sort of happened.

 Actually, if you’re a long-suffering follower of this blog you may have noticed that we’ve been struggling throughout this whole past year in consistency with posting. Basically, we’ve been blogging by the skin of our teeth.

Again… not our intention.  At all.


The truth of the matter is, while we absolutely LOVE this blog and have absolutely no intention of giving it up, both Heather and I have just been a bit bombarded with life.  Besides a myriad of personal challenges that Heather has been faced with since January (and handled with amazing grace, faith, and wisdom, I might add), she’s also in grad school working hard towards getting re-certified as “the most awesome teacher in the universe,” (<– actual degree title may vary), and her condensed classes this summer have been brutal and intense.  She channeled her inner Hermione though, and of course, aced them all.  I’m so proud of her, and what she’s accomplished this year.

As for me, summer is always a bit more hectic.  I’ve got both kids home with me this summer, which has been really fun (and noisy), and I need to be more available for them… which means, as it does every summer, less time right off the bat for the blog. I’ve also had several large and intensive design projects for clients that have consumed a lot of my time the last few months.  I do these projects on the side, and while I’ve always enjoyed design, I’ve discovered that it’s something I really want to pursue professionally.  So, I’m working on establishing my own graphic design business, though it’s in VERY fledgling stages.

So, a lot of  non-bloggy things on our proverbial plates as of late.


To that end, we’ve decided that Refracted Light is officially going ON VACATION.

Not for long. Don’t worry.  And we are going to miss you and the blog terribly while we’re “away.”

But rather than constantly feeling stressed and guilty about not keeping up with new content creation, comments, networking, our backlog of  reviews, and scheduling ahead (that makes us feel like we’re constantly doing this just to keep up –> )


… we’re taking a much-needed break and will be back on SEPTEMBER 1st.  

So we can be more like:


We do have a couple things that were already on the schedule, so we’ll, of course, be honoring those commitments, BUT we’ll be mostly MIA in order to give ourselves a chance to catch up and schedule ahead for fall.  If you need us for any reason, feel free to contact via email or Twitter.  We’ll be around. :)


See y’all on September 1st!

Dani_mint Heather_purple