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So, back to the business at hand… what do I have for you this month?

ONE (1) lucky follower will win ONE (1) of the following books (INTL):

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TDLOIT ThePromiseofAmazing

RebelSpring 13138635


*Technically, The Double Life of Incorporate Things is a November release, but pickings were a little slim this month, and also I was unaware of its existence until last week, so it’s totally an honorary December giveaway candidate.  Also, as is usual, if any of the books above are in a series, you are welcome to choose one of the previous books instead of the new release.

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  1. I love baking with my mom and my grandma for Christmas. We all gather our baking stuff and make fudge, cookies, and candies together. :)

  2. Making Christmas cookies. And then eating them seconds later! :D
    Thank you@

  3. Our tradition is nothing as fun as yours but we do visit everyone’s house when it’s holiday. It’s tiring but fun :D

  4. The tradition we have is putting up the Christmas tree and decorating them together.

  5. I love baking and cooking with my mum and decorating the Christmas tree! :)

  6. I enjoy going out and doing all of the Christmas shopping!

  7. Denny Ardhianto says:

    together with family is enough for me :)

  8. Denny Ardhianto says:

    visiting our grandma with family. great! I can’t wait!

  9. Anne Consolacion says:

    My family always prepare a small feast on Christmas eve and we open our presents at the strike of midnight. :)
    Happy holidays!

  10. Sometimes we bake these beautiful cookies and get to eat them after! =)

  11. I love writting Christmas postcards with my friends to all our related (old friends, family, teachers, etc).

  12. i love when we exchange gift just at midnight on christmas day ( and before that when we decorate our christma stree we share memories of those not with us anymore)

  13. Kids carolling. Reminds me of the age of innocence.

  14. It’s usually just my partner and I for Christmas as we live in a different country and can’t always go home.

    Our one, slightly odd, tradition is to take a photo of ourselves on Christmas day looking sad – it just started as a joke and became a thing!

  15. My favorite tradition is when me and my family walk for the house at midnight at Christmas Eve with baby Jesus in our hands and we sing Christmas songs and it is such an intense moment! *__*

  16. My favourite tradition is probably booking with my parents. We do a traditional turkey dinner every year.

  17. Favorite holiday traditions are decorating Christmas tree and big Christmas lunch with whole family. Forever reminding me of childhood. :)
    Thanks for a giveaway! :)

  18. We don’t have a holiday tradition since my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas.

  19. My favorite tradition is watching Christmas Vacation & A Christmas Story.

  20. Aw, love the things you do. <3 thank you for sharing :D And ohh, thank you for the giveaway as well. Fingers crossed :) Hmm. I think I love the same as you; looking at christmas ornaments/lights :) I also love all christmas movies on the tv, closer to the 24th. <3
    Love, Carina Olsen

  21. Make things for my family and friends for Christmas

  22. My older daughter and I drink hot chocolate, with just the Christmas tree lights on Christmas morning. We open our stockings and wait for everyone else to wake up. :) It’s nice to have a little quiet time among the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

  23. I love building gingerbread houses every year with the family

  24. We read Twas the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve right before the children go to bed and we have to begin the Santa frenzy.

  25. Making fudge :).

  26. Decorating the tree! And watching those stop motion Christmas movies.

  27. When I was younger my dad used to put on that Chipmunks Christmas album and he would put the tree and lights on and us kids would put the ornaments on. I wish I could go back to those days. Thank you so much for this giveaway.

  28. My favorite holiday tradition is definitely driving around, looking at other people’s Christmas decorations :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. We celebrate Christmas. I love driving thru the neighborhoods looking thru the windows at the decorations .. it’s the only time of the year people keep their curtains open so others can see in. I love the sparkly lights.
    I also love baking desserts :)

  30. sarahswondrousreadings says:

    Family coming to our house, making cookies and the Christmas dinner. Thank you. (=

  31. Anita Powers says:

    Christmas day after the meal when the husbands are napping me, my sister, and her two boys sit and play board games for hours, I look forward to this every year, in this world of technology it is so rare to see a board game anymore let alone play one, we have a ball and I would not trade it for anything. thanks

  32. Mine is baking cookies and making candy to give to family and friends.

  33. Bonding time together with my family during Christmas!! (Even though this is the first Christmas without my mom)

  34. GREAT question!! :) My favorite is going to my dad’s fire station every Christmas Eve (or day, depending on when he’s working). I love going for a ride on the truck, putting on the uniform, and just spending time in such a neat and unusual atmosphere. The men he works with are amazing and you come to know and love the families. It’s been such an honor to grow up with this tradition! :)

  35. I remember being young and my family curling up together in the car and driving around looking at lights! Nowadays, the best Christmas tradition for me is getting together with my family, whether it is a Jersey year, or a SC year. Thank you for the giveaway, and Merry Christmas!

  36. new year eve…..celebrate with my friends :)
    thx u..

  37. Our family is all about traditions during the holidays! On Christmas Eve, we get Chinese takeout. When we’re all full and happy from the yummy food, we pile in the car and look at Christmas lights. When we get back home, we have egg nog and open one gift. It’s so much fun!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. I love visiting our grand parents!

  39. i like to do Christmas shopping and cokies for that night!

  40. My family’s tradition is that around midnight after opening presents we put a bunch of movies and
    stay up late watching them!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  41. Sadly nothing comes up this time of the year,coz for us the events our based according to the moon not the sun so the time the event takes place changes every year :)
    sorry for boring you :)

  42. Filia Oktarina says:

    Cooking foods for gathering my families. Mu aunt and uncle was coming to my home, and usually we cooking a lot foods and baked cookies.

  43. Me and my family go to church to give thanks and grateful about our life to God, after that we bake cake and chicken together, not turkey because in my country there is no turkey ^^ . We made sweet drinks alsi, fruit cocktails usually be served because everyone loves it ^^

  44. We always have a family dinner on Christmas Eve and then meet up again for Christmas brunch!

  45. Putting up the christmas tree while listening to christmas music :D

  46. My favorite thing is watching my son open his gifts, the of course the cooking and eating.

  47. I love Christmas time and christmas decorations. I particullary love to make myself hot chocolate and sit around in my house all covered up and watch tv

  48. Looking at Christmas lights!

  49. We usually bake cookies or brownies! :)

  50. We go and see the house decorated with lights! They are really beautiful :)

  51. Decorating the tree with my family. <3

  52. My family rarely celebrate anything at the end of year (well, we don’t celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving). So it’s just like any other days mostly. Sometimes we even go to sleep early at new year’s eve. :D

  53. That sounds like fun! My family and I always go ice skating on the lake, which is a lot of fun. We often race and do funny things like skating into snow banks.

  54. My family just spends lots of time around each other.

  55. We do the same!!! We always take a drive around the city to see all the lights.

  56. Seeing the fireworks display at New Year’s Eve.

  57. I enjoy decorating the tree, doing a “Christmas’ craft and baking :D

  58. My favorite tradition is decorating the house and also wrapping gifts.

  59. making sugar cookies with my mom :) Thanks for sharing!

  60. I love going to look at the lights and the baking that goes on! I love it! So many yummy treats!

  61. I love to make Christmas cookies with my daughters!

  62. Well, no holidays, but yesterday was my birthday. We don’t typically celebrate too much, but we did go out to dinner at a restaurant of my daughter’s choosing. So, yep, we ended up at Noodles & Company. Gotta love it.

  63. decorating the tree together

  64. Your tradition sounds lovely! We like to drive around and look at lights too. We also buy lots of little presents and wrap them individually to make Christmas stretch out longer.

  65. Definitely the family gatherings. :)

  66. I love writting Christmas postcards :) and give presents..

  67. Mine was going out and searching for the perfect christmas tree with the family, then bringing it home, making sure it actually fit in the house and decorating it,so much fun

  68. I love putting and decorating the Christmas Tree and spending time with my family. (:

  69. Every year when we were kids, my mom and her sisters would pack up all the kids and head to midtown Manhattan. We would see the Radio City Musical Hall Christmas show, have dinner, and then check out all the department stores’ marvelous themed window displays. I continued this tradition with my son when he was growing up. Happy Holidays and thanks for the giveaway!

  70. Stephanie H. says:

    When I was younger we started spending the night at my grandparents on xmas eve. Now that my grandparents are gone, my sisters, my sister’s boyfriend, my husband and I stay at my parents house. I love waking up with my family on Christmas morning and spending the day with them!

  71. Baking my great-grandma’s sugar cookies and decorating them in festive colors and sprinkles! And walking down with the whole family to see our neighbor’s insane Christmas decorations (the outside of the house is decked out and one night a year they have an open house so you can tour the interior, which is just as amazing!).

  72. I haven’t decorated for Christmas in years but I do love to see the lights and decorations that other people put up.

  73. I always enjoy decorating the Christmas tree.

  74. Christina T says:

    Baking cookies with my mother and then decorating them, I don’t have kids of my own yet but that is a tradition I will carry on.

  75. I love decorating the house!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Happy Holidays!

  76. We like to watch the old movie, *White Christmas*, on Christmas. We also watch lots of other Christmas movies on TV during the Christmas season.

  77. Hinata bonita says:

    In my place, indonesia. Not all of us celebrate new year, but if we do its usually only among the youth. We eat corn, stayed all night, sometime celebrate the new year on beach

  78. Same as yours :) looking and watching at several Christmas lights and also Christmas decors, we usually go to Christmas villages just to enjoy those :D

  79. We love looking at the Christmas lights. Thanks for the giveaway.

  80. i love the llights and then get out ide decorated

  81. I love watching christmas movies, especially home alone

  82. Hm, I guess mine would be coming back to the house after a good sauna and seeing the gifts under the Christmas tree (they’re never there before we go to sauna) :D

  83. My favorite is the baking. Especially now that my kids are getting older and we can do it all together!

  84. Family gathering :)

  85. Christmas dinner with the whole family. Thanks.

  86. One of my favorites is Secret Santa. Every year my family and I do this and its always fun trying to figure out who got who. Another one is making Christmas dinner. We all get up real early and help each other cook and bake. Its always a great time. We laugh with each other and sometimes get into some messy food fights. Christmas time is definitely my favorite time of the year.

    Happy Holidays! :)

  87. We love to go to a local Christmas parade together.

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